Karoo Disclosure 'Game Changer'

R 4,000.00

Karoo Disclosure (2015) is a multimedia, collaborative art project that focuses on the threat of shale gas exploration (fracking) on land, people and the environment, specific to the Karoo, a semi-desert region of South Africa. This inter-disciplinary project explores notions of heritage and culture in the context of external economic and political drivers that threaten to change the landscape, biodiversity and lives of the local communities.

Collaborating Artists: Deborah Weber, Damien Schumann, Elgin Rust, Hendrik Dudumashe, Gina Waldman, Jeannette Unite, Margaret Stone, Maxim Starcke, Michelle Liao, Lisa Bauer, Tom Glenn, Peet van Heerden, Paula Kingwill.

Medium: Digital Archival Print

Edition: 1/10