Deborah Weber 'relation-ships'

R 1,400.00

This work is part of a body of work called 'Catching Feelings' by artist Deborah Weber created during the Corona Pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In this body of work Deborah attempt to tap into the artist’s unconscious, the microcosm of feeling and unseen worlds that govern our inner lives.

She attempts to make visible the ephemeral, capture that which is sitting below the unconscious as a virus would sit below the seen world in the microcosm. The experience of living through a pandemic is expressed in the body of work through line, colour and gestures always suggesting both a human feeling layered into the organic forms. The works are playful, sometimes menacing, irreverent, a means of coping, creating imaginary worlds where the impossible can seem real in an unreal time of unprecedented crises and confusion.

Deborah has a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town and is also the Founder of Artcollab studio. She has been working on her collaborative projects for the past six years and has returned to her personal art-making journey during lockdown.

Materials: Ink on Fabriano Paper (original drawing)

Size: A4 210 x 297

Unframed, framing can be requested.

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